uSARA and AIRI reconstructions of selected ASKAP observations

  • Amanda Wilber (Creator)
  • Arwa Dabbech (Creator)
  • Matthieu Terris (Contributor)
  • Adrian Jackson (Contributor)
  • Yves Wiaux (Contributor)



This dataset consists of sub-band and full-band continuum restored images of selected public ASKAP observations covering three fields containing several radio sources of scientific interest. The selected observations (SB8275-15, SB9351-12, and SB9442-35) were imaged via an automated and parallel framework for wide-field intensity radio interferometry imaging which encapsulates two imaging algorithms: uSARA and AIRI. We also provide reconstructions made with the WSClean imager, for comparison purposes. Our imaging results for the three selected fields, imaged with the three different imaging algorithms (uSARA, AIRI, and WSClean), are also presented in animated GIFs to show how the reconstructed emission changes over the full observing frequency band. Spectral index maps of the sources Abell 3395, PKS 2014-55 (the X-shaped galaxy), and PKS 2130-538 (the dansing ghosts), are also included.
FITS files can be viewed through image-viewing software such as DS9 or Aladin. GIF files are widely accessible through standard image and video editing programs and can be viewed directly through Pure.
Date made available21 Jan 2023
PublisherHeriot-Watt University
Date of data production2022 - 2023

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