Raw data used to evaluate the spectral resolution of the wavelength-to-time mapped spectra



To measure the spectral resolution of the WTM system, we tuned the Fabry-Perot to generate narrow band pulses at 550.3nm. Using a spectrometer with a resolution 0.1nm, the FWHM passband of the filter at this wavelength was measured to be 0.5nm (Resolution_Reference.csv). The WTM data obtained from the central MCF core indicated that the pulses exhibited a FWHM spectral width of 1.2nm. The spectral resolution of the WTM spectra obtained from the central core was then estimated by convolving the filter passband spectrum with a Gaussian profile of increasing width, until the FWHM of the convolved data matched the 1.2nm FWHM of the WTM spectrum.

For TCSPC_Resolution_550nm, the data consists of a 1024 x 1024 matrix with columns representing pixel number and row representing time bin. To convert time bin into time(s), multiply bin number with the resolution, 53ps e.g. bin number 100 = 100x53e-12s.
Date made available2016
PublisherHeriot-Watt University

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