FIB-SEM and X-ray micro-tomographic images of carbonate rock dissolution during reactive CO2-saturated brine injection under reservoir conditions

  • Kamaljit Singh (Creator)
  • Benaiah U. Anabaraonye (Creator)
  • Martin J. Blunt (Creator)
  • John Crawshaw (Creator)



The datasets contain FIB-SEM and X-ray micro-tomographic images of a wettability-altered carbonate rock sample before and after dissolution with reactive CO2-saturated brine at reservoir pressure and temperature conditions. The data were acquired with the aim of investigating CO2 storage in depleted oil fields that have oil-wet or mixed-wet conditions. Our novel procedure of injecting oil after reactive transport has revealed previously unidentified (ghost) regions of partially-dissolved rock grains that were difficult to identify in X-ray tomographic images after dissolution from single fluid phase experiments.
Date made available1 May 2018
PublisherBritish Geological Survey

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