Datasets supporting Ultra-narrow inhomogeneous spectral distribution of telecom-wavelength vanadium centres in isotopically-enriched silicon carbide

  • Pasquale Cilibrizzi (Creator)
  • Muhammad Junaid Arshad (Contributor)
  • Tissot Benedikt (Contributor)
  • Nguyen Tien Son (Contributor)
  • Ivan G. Ivanov (Contributor)
  • Thomas Astner (Contributor)
  • Philipp Koller (Contributor)
  • Misagh Ghezellou (Contributor)
  • Jawad Ul Hassan (Contributor)
  • Daniel White (Contributor)
  • Christiaan Bekker (Contributor)
  • Guido Burkard (Contributor)
  • Michael Trupke (Contributor)
  • Cristian Bonato (Contributor)



The files are named as date_time_+"PLE_scan_"+frqInitial_polarisation_frqEnd_signal. For example, the file "2022-12-20_17_07_PLE_scan_234420059_MHz_sigma_P_234419877_MHz_X" is taken on teh 20th of December 2022, starting at 17:07pm. The wavelength of the excitation laser is measured by the wavemeter at the beginning of data acquisition to be 234,420,059 MHz. At the end of the map, the laser wavelength is 234,419,877 MHz. The quantity stored in the file is "X", corresponding to the values of the x-axis for the spatial scan.

Possible quantities are
X: values of the x-axis for the spatial scan (in microns)
Y: values of the y-axis for the spatial scan (in microns)
Z: number of photon counts
Date made available2 Nov 2023
PublisherHeriot-Watt University
Date of data production2 Nov 2023

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