Dataset for "Experimental demonstration of quantum digital signatures over 43 dB channel loss using differential phase shift quantum key distribution"

  • Robert John Collins (Creator)
  • Ryan Amiri (Owner)
  • Mikio Fujiwara (Owner)
  • Toshimori Honjo (Contributor)
  • Kaoru Shimizu (Contributor)
  • Kiyoshi Tamaki (Contributor)
  • Masahiro Takeoka (Contributor)
  • Masahide Sasaki (Supervisor)
  • Anna Erika Elisabeth Andersson (Supervisor)
  • Gerald Stuart Buller (Supervisor)



A compressed ZIP file containing two comma separated value (CSV) in the root and a sub-folder with a further eight CSV files.
The two files in the root are "Experimental Data", which contains the experimental results, and "Theoretical Predictions", which contains the output of the theoretical model of the system. These two files will allow the reader to recreate Figure 1 and Table 1 of the paper.
The "QBER STD" sub-folder contains eight individual CSV files, one for each of the channel attenuations examined. Each individual file has a single row that lists the different quantum bit error rates (QBERs) as a fraction (i.e. 0 to 1) for each of the 10 000 bit length blocks analyzed. These can be used to compute the mean QBERs and standard deviations presented in the "Experimental Data" CSV file, Figure 1 in the paper, and Table 1 of the paper.
Date made available1 May 2017
PublisherHeriot-Watt University

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