Vox Pop: Has BIM changed the culture of the Industry?

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For us, the biggest practical changes in switching to BIM were to do with everyday process protocol in the office: naming, classifications, filing etc. We had our own systems, grown up over many years, and it was a jump for us to switch to new rules, some of which felt nonsensical from our limited viewpoint.

This sort of gripe still seems to ring true for many people: the “lived experience” of a BIM project has been more about jumping through process hoops than about delivering effective outcomes. But universal protocol is key to good data transferability – we need to weather that storm.

The students I work with at university are handy examples of this issue: the uni sets up these proprietary bespoke collaborative learning environments and they all get so annoyed by the clumsy interfaces that they just opt out and co-author their projects on Facebook. Industry is not so different!

Period26 Apr 2016

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