The Marine Microbiome – A treasure trove of scientific and industrial potential

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The exhibition hall in particular showcased key outputs and ‘hardware’ of the MaCuMBA project that have high potential industrial relevance, and are prime candidates for practical commercial development and applications. Researchers were on hand to demonstrate and explain how the European marine biotech industry could benefit from the latest research results in the area. One example is the ‘optical tweezers’ developed by MaCuMBA partners Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK). This state of the art instrument is capable of isolating single cells out of a mixture of cells. They have also developed an integrated optical-microfluidic device to rapidly isolate a large number of cells based on electrokinetic approaches. Start-up companies were also present, among them CellDeg, who showcased their novel high density cultivators, demonstrating live how photoautotrophic cultures can rapidly grow in a membrane based cultivation system. One of the highlights of the plenary session was the screening of the MaCuMBA short film. “Revealing the Secrets of Marine Microbes” was produced by the creative team at eCOAST Marine Research who shadowed the work of MaCuMBA researchers in Texel, The Netherlands. This video is ideal for educational use and is available to view and download on the MaCuMBA project website:

Period1 Jul 2016