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Subject: Spontelectrics

Hello all.


With apologies for the email circular, please accept my thanks for all your help with this story. 


So far spontelectrics have been featured on our morning TV and radio news bulletins, our radio current affairs flagship Good Morning Scotland and the lunchtime edition of Reporting Scotland.  A longer film is in the running order for the main evening edition of Reporting Scotland – and an even longer one is being cut for the Scotland 2015 programme which goes out tonight on BBC2. 


My online colleagues have also done us proud on the Web: - all credit for the presentation should go to them and any blame for errors to me. 


The latest Reporting Scotland will appear on the BBC iPlayer not long after 1900 UK time tonight here but rights issues may prevent viewers in Denmark from receiving it.  


This morning’s Good Morning Scotland should be here although it’s three hours long so you might have to fish about a bit to find my report. 


It can be quite difficult to pitch a story at an audience which ranges from scientific professionals to folk who haven’t thought about molecules since school, so I hope you think I’ve done you justice.  At the very least I think it’s reasonable to suggest that many more people know about spontelectrics now than was the case 24 hours ago.  On a personal note, I think it’s the most interesting science story I’ve covered this year. 


Particular thanks must go to you Martin for your patience as we disrupted your work in order to get good footage.  


If there are any problems please let me know.  Here’s to the next time…


Thanks again,


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