This short film follows the footsteps of MaCuMBA coordinator Prof. Lucas Stal and shadows the work of MaCuMBA researchers during the MaCuMBA Summer School in Texel (The Netherlands). The film explores some of the methods that are being used to isolate and culture marine microorganisms, and gives insight into the aims and particular challenges of the project.

The objective of the MaCuMBA project was to uncover the untold diversity of marine microbes. To that end, MaCuMBA researchers developed innovative cultivation-dependent approaches, nature mimicking strategies, and high-throughput techniques. The aim was to improve the isolation rate and growth efficiency of marine microorganisms and, ultimately, to enhance their biotechnological potential and future exploitation. For in the mysteries of the ocean may lie the key for a future environmentally friendly and sustainable society…

Video Credit: Katrien Vanagt / eCOAST Marine Research (

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Period30 Apr 2016

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Media contributions

  • TitleRevealing the Secrets of Marine Microbes
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