Back in 2014 I responded to a call for new members of the Construction Industry Council’s groundbreaking BIM2050 Group.

I was frustrated by discipline-specific interest groups and self-promotional commercial events, and hoped this group might provide a new perspective.

And I was right: in May 2015 I met for the first time a diverse group of 15 other young professionals from across industry, who were generous, communicative, motivated and absolutely inspiring.

Just over a year later, the energy and enthusiasm from that group has created dotBuiltEnvironment (dotBE), an open-access network with big ideas.

I’m proud to be part of it, and I’d like to invite others who might share the frustration I felt a couple of years back to join the network and take an active, collaborative part in the digital evolution of our built environment.

This is how we’ve articulated our vision as a network: “Continuously building a sustainable future for our built environment.”

Our stated mission is “to inspire open innovation, change and collaboration in the built environment”. And at the core of that are three values:

  • We are open. We keep our lines of communication open to all, to educate and include everyone.
  • We are universal in our reach. We want to include all stakeholders of the built environment and provide them with a voice.
  • We are transformational in our energy for change. We want to see ideas be taken into action.

Working together

Supporting this, we’ve defined three streams of activity: ‘policy’, ‘innovate’ and ‘network’.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































“We want to enable switched-on individuals to develop their ideas with others, and then provide a platform for testing and dissemination”
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































I’m generalising, but broadly these cover areas of research / publication, events, and – at the core of everything – a distributed, collaborative communications network, linking like-minded people together.

We want to enable switched-on individuals to develop their ideas with others, and then provide a platform for testing and dissemination.

We’re a loose-fit, bottom-up organisation that wants to support millenials’ input into the current rapid digitisation of the built environment industry.

Excitingly, we’re finding that other groups – Digital Built Britain, the CIC, our institutions and TechUK, for example – have been very receptive, and we hope to work closely with them.

Major transition

Switching from the BIM2050 Group, a defined small group, to an expansive network, is a challenge in itself.

Of course, we’re harnessing every digital tool we can to assist in collaborating, communicating, recording and disseminating everything we do. We’re evolving, and our ‘launch’ over 2016 is a gradual process.

The Global BIM Study report saw the first of our ‘Policy’ outputs, and we’ll be presenting at industry events this year to share our projects and introduce the group formally.

We’re always keen to hear from those with whom our mission and values chimes a chord.

Review our principles at and get in touch to sign up to our comms network and join the conversations: [email protected]

Period2 Aug 2016

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