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Pivoting to a resilient mindset is crucial for our HWUM community. STEP UP is a project funded by HW DIsboursement Group: a student-led outreach programme for new and continuing students. STEP UP alludes to our students’ drive to take responsibility for their wellbeing and bouncing back from COVID-19’s adverse effect. The framework of activities is based on Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model consisting of self-care, connecting with others and care for environment. Activities are wellbeing workouts, BUJO, coffee klatch, and workshops on motivation, designing personal spaces, healthy diet and sleeping. STEP UP is designed to engender trust and provide stability; ubiquitous being synchronous (Discord, MS Teams, IG live) and asynchronous (Spotify, YouTube, SharePoint); game-based by rewarding each step; flexible since students can join anytime. The project uses mixed methods to evaluate the effectiveness of such an approach in increasing ownership of a resilient mindset.

This project is led by Stella Marie C. Galimpin - Effective Learning Manager - Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
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